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Welcome – Read About Us

The Alfieri – McBee Corporation was established in 1981, The company continually strives to formulate coatings and additives for architectural, industrial, commercial and residential applications. Our products are continuously specified and successfully applied during remodeling projects. As a producer of mainly water-based acrylic and urethane coatings the company continues to strive to be environmentally friendly.
The company is committed to continuing the trend of being a leading manufacturer of quality, high tech, architectural, industrial, commercial and residential coatings, additives.

Our objective is to provide high performance products for specific applications through:

  • Utilizing the latest “state of the art” technology
  • Through established distributors and dealers
  • Under stringent price / performance criteria

The core of the company’s products range from cement modifiers, additives, sealers and finish coatings. In addition the company manufactures a variety of elastomeric roof coatings, and other specialty products. The key products are used in cement overlays, patches on concrete, stain barriers over granite and stone, and general waterproofing applications.
The Alfieri – McBee Corporation is an independent and privately owned and operated company. This insures short decision – making procedures and provides flexibility that means the company can adapt to market requirements immediately.